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Turner Business Consulting Services CC is a registered partner with the Department of Labour and a member of APSO.

The Recruitment process is focused on Building and Strengthening Organisations by separating those candidates who excel, from those who are mediocre in skills. 

We have 2 criteria that must be satisfied before we add someone to our team: 

          1) They must stand out in the upper 20% of their field and
          2) There needs to be a real desire to get something               accomplished professionally that they are not getting a               shot at in their current position.  They must have reached               a level of professional frustration.

Legislation has bound consultants to ensure that the cycle is fair, consistent, transparent and objective. These values we strive to adhere to at all times.  It is therefore necessary for us to stay abreast of these issues and that is why a thorough interviewing process and matching of the candidate’s abilities, competencies and skills to the position is vital.

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